File Outgoing mail as it is being sent

I would like to be able to file outgoing mail as it is being sent.
I don’t know what would be best but I envision a pop up when I send a message I’m able to file the outgoing message into a sent mail folder within the client folder.

if I understand this correctly you want a dialog to come up asking you where you want to file the sent mail ? why not just go t the sent mail folder after you have sent the mail and move it where you want it to go ? or if you have a criteria for sorting sent mail then you could have a script that sorts the sent mail but you would either tigger the script manually or you could have it run when mail is recieved. I don’t think there is a “listener” for sending


That is what I have been doing filing as I send but it is clunky when I need a new folder created. Yes a listener for sending would be nice. I would love a finder dialog that pops up after sending asking me to choose the folder I want to file the sent message into and tag it as sent so i could file it with incoming mail and the ability to turn it on and off by account. This way when I have to go back and see what transpired I can view the whole tread in one window? Am I making sense?

Have you tried using Smart Mailboxes?? You can set up a Smart Mailbox to also sort and collect your sent messages.