File renaming script

This is probably a redundent question, however, I have just started using a mac for the first time a week ago.
I have a collection of 900 jpeg images. and since I want to make a movie out of them using adobe image ready the uploading takes them in a specific order ( 1-900). How can I use apple script to convert each file name from untittled001 to untitiled900… untittled002 to untittled899… untittled3 to untittled897… etc - basically reverse order. If any of you know how to perform this task of reversing the order of a movie, that would be even better.

What do you mean by uploading? If you mean ImageReady selects the files in order for processing, then you don’t have a “renaming” issue, you have a “sort” issue.

set theFolder to choose folder--Folder of 900 images
tell application "Finder" to set Filelist to (files of theFolder)
set MovieFrameList to reverse of Filelist--Reverse the order of the list

MovieFrameList is now the frames in reverse 900-1, ready to be passed to ImageReady.