File Sharing control panel application

File Sharing Control Panel Application
The version has increased to 9.0 from 8.0. It has been extensively revised, and the former Users & Groups control panel’s functionality and scripting dictionary have been incorporated into it. Old scripts using the Users & Groups dictionary must be revised to target File Sharing. The old Users & Groups suite has not changed. The File Sharing suite now includes new ‘close’, ‘delete’, ‘duplicate’ and ‘make’ commands. The dictionary indicates that the ‘disconnect’ command now takes a list of ‘connected user’ instead of a list of ‘anything’, and the ‘show privileges of’ command now takes a list of ‘shared item’ instead of a list of ‘anything’. Class ‘application’ now contains new ‘connected user’ and ‘shared item’ elements and the corresponding classes are provided. The ‘get’ and ‘set’ commands have disappeared in accordance with the Mac OS 8.6 changes to the Standard Suite, but the commands are, of course, still available in AppleScript. 10/29/99