file type changed to file kind in applescript studio

I’m converting a script editor applescript into applescript studio. In script editor, to get the file type of a file I used

on compiling Xcode changes the word “type” to “kind” so it turns the code into

And I get an error “NSCannotCreateScriptCommandError (10)”

Maybe I’m doing this all wrong, but all I really want is to know if the image I’m processing is a “tif” or “jpg” without relying on the file extension. How can I get a file type code in applescript studio?

In Xcode 1.1 on Mac OS X 10.3.2, I don;t see this behavior, “file type” remains unchanged in both SE & Xcode. For your code to work, thisFile either has to be a get info record or you need to have your code within in a Finder tell block. Is your code within a Finder tell block?


yep, silly me, I didn’t have it in a finder tell block…you also stopped me from banging my head against the wall with another problem that is solved but a finder tell block.

Thanks again.

I’m wondering about the same thing. I’d prefer not to use the Finder if I don’t have to, and the “info for” part of the standard scripting additions seems to work in Script Editor. When I paste the following code into Xcode, though, file type is automatically changed to file kind. Am I structuring this “info for” thing wrong?


[This script was automatically tagged for color coded syntax by Convert Script to Markup Code]

Okay, this is gotta be a bug.

If I replace “file type” with “«class asty»” and then compile, it works correctly-- Xcode shows file type!

If I hit compile again, “file type” changes, once again, to “file kind”. Fscking bugs…

Thanks Ray, for the update. We all knew you guys were only out to make things better for us here. With things looking a bit off (not to mention a few days completely offline) I was a bit hesitant to post or reply to anything. Perhaps you guys could put in a temporary post when you’ve worked out “all” of the bugs letting everyone know when you think it’s safe to go back in the water.

As far as our “inconvenience” goes, since we are all here without making direct deposits to your bank account, it’s really no inconvenience at all. I for one stand by your upgrades no matter the cost in ‘days lost’. From my limited experience running servers, I understand your struggles and wish you luck. And as far as the “lost data” goes, hopefully you can resurrect all of the old posts so the treasures they contained will not have to be discovered again. If not, I’m sure we’ll all pitch in and be able to fill in the gaps.

Remember…“Nothing worth doing is easy”.


Hey J,

Thanks for the kind words. I just wish that others felt the same way - especially in regard to ScriptBuilders. :evil:

I have made some inquires at other places of support, so perhaps we may be get out of the water yet. Here’s hoping!

Thanks to everyone for your support.