file version

Hi guys,

I am new to applescript and i need to write a code to find the image file version. example below.

if i have a .eps or .ai file, so i need to find the version of this art like cs4 or cs6 etc…

if anybody got the answer pls mail me.

Nidhin Josep:cool:

Model: imac late 2012
Browser: Safari 537.78.2
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)

Is this what you are looking for?

tell application "Finder"
	set these_items to the selection
end tell
repeat with i from 1 to the count of these_items
	set this_item to (item i of these_items) as alias
	set this_info to info for this_item
	-- insert actions here for: this_item
	set theversion to kind of this_info
	set longVersion to long version of this_info
end repeat