file ""?


Just curious if anyone has ever gotten this error?

The operation could not be completed because the file “” is in use

I’m not exactly sure why this error occurs or what it means. It seems
to happen when the script is trying to move or copy a file to another
location on a server. The strange thing is that after this error
occurs, if I start the script back up it doesn’t error a second time
with whatever file caused this error in the first place. At the moment
I’ve been running scripts on OS 10.3.7.



I get a simmilar situation. I simply have a small script that runs a 2nd script which finds out if the error comes up when a script is run twice. If yes, it displays it’s own error and I don’t continue. This is rare, and normally, it only messes up the first time and then the 1st script runs the script that I wanted run in the first place.

S1 ->test once → error → test twice → no error → run main script(the one that originally brings up the error)
S1 ->test once → error → test twice → error → stop

got that?

Hi Fistoprince,

Thanks very much for your reply. It makes sense and looks like the only solution at the moment. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts and solution for this. I appreciate it!


ya welcome. :slight_smile: also, it takes less than a second to complete. I’ve not actually encountered a time where it had to stop me.