Filemaker 8 & Applescript conversion problem

I’m trying to move my Filemaker 6 databases and scripts to FMP 8.
The first issue I’m running into is a script that makes a new “find” request. I get an error that access is not allowed, even though I am the creator and have full access. The error is on “create request with data BookCode”.
How has FMP8’s Applescripting changed? Or do I need to change the access on the file somehow?

tell application "FileMaker Pro"
	set BookCode to "0099900906"
	show database "BookRunPrinter_"
	tell database "BookRunPrinter_"
		go to layout "Finding"
		delete every request
		create request with data BookCode
	end tell
end tell

Ok I have more info… it seems that I can no longer enter (script) information in the cell to perform a Find function when the cell is a calculation. I can do it manually though! :mad: