Filemaker and Scripting Assistance Needed

I am the lucky guy who inherited a FM 5.5 Database and I am being asked to make some revisions to it. Along the way there I found some scripts that I think could be changed but not sure. A button to generate a PDF using the contents of a field as the filename is written as 2 seperate scripts. The first seems to generate the PDF using the PRINT command saving it as the generic filename used by FM Pro. The 2nd part has the Finder rename the file containing the generic name with the field contents. I have 2 questions: 1) The PRINT command can’t run without dialog… you have to click “Save as PDF”. Why?
2) Can’t this be done in one step where the file name is inserted during the save process instead of having finder rename the file?

Here is what the script looks like in FM5.5. (I run OSX 10.3.5 on a G5)
Go to Layout [Print_Details 5]
Page Setup [Restore setup options, No dialog]
Print []
Page Setup [Restore setup options, No dialog]
Perform Script [ “NewName File Details” ]

New Name File Details
Perform AppleScript [Script attachability: Script Text:
"set theKnownPath to “Filamakername.fp5.pdf”
tell app “Filemaker” to set newName to cell “Job No_Print Details” of current record
tell app “Finder” to set the name of file theKnownPath to newName & “.pdf” ][/b]