Filemaker Error

This is a subscript that worked with Mac OS 10.5. I am converting to Mavericks and now I am getting the error message “Data is being accessed by another user, script, or transaction.” when the script hits The “show” line.

on fileMaker_tiff(new_item_name, item_name)
	tell application "FileMaker Pro"
		tell document "2015 GS_RVTG"
			go to layout "Prepress"
			do script "Find all records"
			show (every record whose cell "AD_TRAF" = new_item_name)
				do script "Commit Record"
				set adState to cell "AD_ST" of current record
				set cell "STATUS" of current record to "Print TIFF"
				set cell "DWA_READY" of current record to "Pending"
				set cell "PRD_FIL_PATH" of current record to ("Pub-TLD:GS Tiff for Pub:" & adState & ":" & item_name)
			end try
		end tell
	end tell
end fileMaker_tiff

Any ideas on how to fix it?

Not sure why you’re doing this line:
do script “Find all records”

but you could do a:
show every record

instead, or just skip the “Find all records” line since your show command will find the records you want.

(Tested with Mavericks and Filemaker Pro 13 v1 Advanced.)