FileMaker Export to Clipboard?

I’m writing a script to take data from a FileMaker 7 file and create iCal events with it. The FM data is a series or records, each containing three fields, like so:

AAA-111 09/23/05 Description of event

I can figure out how to use FM to find and sort the records I want and then export them as a tab-delimited text file. And then I can read that text file in Apple Script, coerce some of the data and then create iCal events.

However, I’d like to do this without the step of having to create a text file and then open it for access in Apple Script.

Does anyone know if I can skip this step by having FileMaker export the data to the clipboard? My plan is for this script to be run from Filemaker. It will likely be a FM script that calls the AppleScript after exporting its data. Any ideas? Thanks.


I know nothing about FM, but here is how to use the clipboard:

set the clipboard to "Homey."
display dialog "This will display the clipboard.."
display dialog (the clipboard)
display dialog "Thanks, dude"

I know the script is stupid, so don’t bug me about it. Anyway, it simply shows that you can use the clipboard as a short term storage place for whatever you want. And, it is rather easy.

Good Luck,

Craig Smith