Filemaker list all records whose cell is not empty

Hi There,
I have a Filemaker database that I would like to make a series of lists from using different cells. The problem I have is that if i get the cellvalue of every record of a cell occasionally I get a blank cell, now if I then choose from list there are a lot of blanks in the list. Is there a way of searching for the value in a cell thats not empty? So far I have a work around, shown bleow but I’m sure this must be an easy and valid Filemaker request.

global mynewlist

tell application "FileMaker Pro"
	set mylist to the cellValue of cell "EMAP_MRWK_Display_proofing_box" of every record
	my filter_empty_cells(mylist)
	set EMAP_MRWK_Display_proofing_box to mynewlist
	choose from list EMAP_MRWK_Display_proofing_box

end tell

on filter_empty_cells(mylist)
	set mynewlist to {}
	repeat with listitem in mylist
		if listitem > "" then
			copy listitem to the end of mynewlist
		end if
	end repeat
end filter_empty_cells

The Apple Events Reference that Installs with Filemaker is your friend.