Filemaker Object not found

I keep getting an error with Filemaker. Object not found. As far as I can tell, the code is correct.

...some earlier code that sets the values for e and g...

tell application "FileMaker Pro"
	set the field "fielda" to e as text
	set the field "fieldb" to g as text
end tell

Is there a different way to write this where I wont get any error?

Do you have only one database open when the script is executed? What types of values are held by the variables?

No, there are multiple databases open, but the database with the applescript is top most and the values are text. The fields are text as well.

Rob is correct that you need to be more specific as to the record and database but your terminology is also suspect. Try:


In Filemaker, ‘fields’ are all read-only properties associated with a database.

Instead, I think what you’re after is the cell, not the field. A cell can be thought of as an instance of a field in one record.

Additionally, since cells have multiple properties, you need to set its cellValue if you want to manipulate its contents:

tell application "FileMaker Pro" 
   set cellValue of cell "fielda" to e as text