FileMaker>Photoshop Title GIFs for Web?

I’m deploying a set of web templates, and want to provide adopters with an easy way to generate title GIFs online, without having to have a local copy of a particular font and all of the issues involved in setting the type.

The general outlines of the project would be to create a FileMaker database with a custom web interface, and when the user submits a form containing their request, have it run over to Photoshop and set type in a layer in a specific font/color/background, then export that to an FTP share, or better yet, email it back as an attachment.

I am confident that I can handle all of the FileMaker stuff, but the AppleScript/Photoshop stuff has me stumped.

Before I wade into this any further, I wanted to ask those in the know: has this been done already?

(BTW: what’s the deal with Adobe’s AS docs for Photoshop? I copy a script directly out of there, and all I end up with is a Script Editor error message. Every time.)

While this can be done in PS, you may want to check your license. If I recall correctly, Adobe does not allow their software to be used in this manner (it essentially makes their app work as a server for folks who won’t/can’t pony up the cash for their own license). There are plenty of scriptable graphics apps that could also handle this. GraphicConverter is great.


I’ll try GC. Thanks for the tip.