Filemaker Send Mail Script and Entourage

When using the “Send Mail” script from filemaker, it sends the message from the default email acount in entourage. Is there a way to use the "send mail"script and have the sent message be from another one of my email accounts other than the default one?

I don’t know personally such “Send Mail” script, but you can attempt to edit it and modify to fit your needs.
Here is some sample syntax to create a outgoing message with a specified account (you can target it by name or index):

make new outgoing message at out box folder with properties {subject:"blah", account:POP account "dotMac"}

use XMail.osax.

In combination with FileMaker, it’s the solution.
And it is free, GNU open source.

look at this :

send mail 
	to a list of string -- the recipients of the mail
	from string -- the author of the mail
	subject Unicode text -- the subject of the mail
	body Unicode text -- the body of the mail
	SMTP server string -- the smtp server to send the mail (
	[cc a list of string] -- the list of cc recipients of the mail {cc1,cc2,…}
	[bcc a list of string] -- the list of bcc recipients of the mail {bcc1,bcc2,…} 
	[errors to string] -- Where to send all the erros messages
	[attachments a list of file specification] -- the list of attachments for the mail {file1,file2,…}
	[priority integer] -- 5=highest, 4=hight, 3=normal(default), 2=low, 1=lowest
	[extra headers a list of list] -- {{header 1,value 1},…{header n,value n}}

Thank you for the help. One more thing. How do you set a signature to the email created with the applescript? I cannot find this as a message property.

Do you mean Entourage? I don’t know. Never tried it. But I supposse that signatures are added automatically to the message, depending on the account’s default settings.
You can test it or, if wanna modify it programatically, take a look to the “POP account” entry and search for “signature” (and also the own “signature” class).

Yes, Entourage. I Used it to create a new email with the properties of: account, subject, content, but it does not use the default signature for the POP account. It is left blank. Signature seems to be a class in itself.

You can use such class in this entry in the related account settings:

Well, if it doesn’t work, you can include the signature attached to the body:

make new message [...blah...] content:"this is the body" & return & content of signature 1[...more blah...]