FileMaker Server backup permissions

Hi, pleas help! I am trying to use a flash drive to backUp from FileMaker Sever 13 but the filepath is always invalid. I need to add or copy the same folder permissions from the data folder to the flash drive or so I think. I did an applescript to do this and it works… but only with basic permissions the FM data folder has other groups that I do not know how to add into a different disk. Any idea will help here is the AppleScropt:

set the_folder to (choose folder with prompt "Choose a Folder to copy the permissions:") as Unicode text
set the_path1 to POSIX path of the result
log the_path1
do shell script "stat -f %p " & quoted form of the_path1
set The_permissions to the result
log The_permissions
if The_permissions is greater than 1 then
	display dialog ("Ok! we got the permissions #" & The_permissions & " now choose a folder in wich to paste the permissions ") buttons {"Paste in folder...", "Abort"} default button {"Paste in folder..."} with title "Second step" with icon 1
	if button returned of the result is equal to "Paste in folder..." then
		set the_folder to (choose folder with prompt "Choose a Folder to paste the permissions #" & The_permissions) as Unicode text
		set the_path2 to POSIX path of the result
		do shell script "chmod " & The_permissions & " " & quoted form of the_path2
	end if
end if

My if you need to preserve potentially complex permissions on copied files, my recommendation would be to perform the copy operation by having the Applescript do a “do shell script” and use rsync with the “-p” option to perform the copy.