FileMaker Start-Up Script

This script was designed to be placed in the ‘Start-Up Items’ folder of a Mac, which was used to host FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited. FMP did not have an auto-launch facility built into it, to allow for the computer to automatically launch certain databases upon start-up, so, with some help from various forums, I built this one.
Within the FileMaker Folder, I created a sub-folder called “Web Databases”, and within that folder, I created individual folders for each of my hosted database solutions (ie 'Stock" containing files ‘Inventory’, ‘Location’, etc.)
This script will allow the user to abort it within the first 10 seconds of starting up, but if allowed to proceed, will open every file matching a certain file type (set in the script) which is found in the 1st teir of sub-folders within the Web Databases folder. Any files within sub-sub-folders (ie Web Databases:Stock:Archive) will not be launched.
At the end of the run, a summary is displayed, advising how many folders were checked and how many files were launched.
This script may be a bit rough (it’s one of my first), but it works.

OS version: Any

-- User-defined Base Folder
set filemakerRootFolder to "Macintosh HD:Applications:Filemaker Pro 5 Folder:Web Databases"
-- User-defined File Type
set filemakerFileType to "FMP5"

-- Initialise Counters
set countOfFolders to 0
set countOfFiles to 0

tell application "Finder"
	-- Allow User to Override Script, handy if run as part of StartUp Items
	set promptResponse to display dialog "FileMaker StartUp Application" & return & "You have 10 Seconds to abort" buttons ["Abort", "Continue"] default button "Continue" with icon caution giving up after 10
	if promptResponse is not equal to "Abort" then
		-- Make a list of Folders within the Base Folder
		set filemakerFolderList to folders in folder filemakerRootFolder
		set countOfFolders to number of items in filemakerFolderList
		-- Access Each of these Listed Folders individually
		repeat with i from 1 to the number of items in filemakerFolderList
			set filemakerFolder to item i of filemakerFolderList
			-- Make a list of Items within the Folder of the Type specified earlier
			set filemakerFileList to (files in filemakerFolder whose file type is filemakerFileType)
			-- Update Counter to show Running Total Number of Matching Files
			set countOfFiles to countOfFiles + (number of items in filemakerFileList)
			repeat with j from 1 to the number of items in filemakerFileList
				open item j of filemakerFileList
			end repeat
		end repeat
		tell application "Finder"
			-- Show Summary of Actions, with Number of Folders Accessed and Number of Files Launched
			display dialog "FileMaker StartUp Application" & return & "Launch Completed" & return & return & "-- Summary of Actions --" & return & "  " & countOfFolders & " Folders searched" & return & "  " & countOfFiles & " FileMaker Pro files opened" buttons ["OK"] default button "OK" with icon note giving up after 5
		end tell
		-- Show Abort Acknowledgement
		display dialog "FileMaker StartUp Application" & return & "Aborted by User" buttons ["OK"] default button "OK" with icon stop giving up after 5
	end if
end tell