Filemaker to Toast and Filemaker to GoLive or Quark

OK, so I have decided I cannot script my way out of a box and need help.

I need to take a Filemaker list and have it import audio clips into Toast in the correct order and then import .tif files into a Quark Xpress 5 or Indesign 2 document.

I have the Filemaker 5/6 file built, the “path” to the files and their names can be built in whatever way “you” need to hand off from Filemaker to Applescript (harddrive:audio:cut1.aiff) or whatever is necessary.

I need the script to take the list (32 items), grab the files and put them into Toast 5x then take the same list (with a different path, harddrive:images:image1.tif) and import them into a specific box in the Xpress/InDesign document.

I have a small budget, nothing you will get rich on. Feel free to contact me directly via