files created when dragged result in alias?

I have written a script that creates a series of folders using:
"do shell script “mkdir -m775 -p " & quoted form of (POSIX path of (gOutputFolder))”

My script then calls another program (Adobe Media Encoder 6) to process my files and output resultant files to the folders my script previously created.

Everything works well except, if the user drags a resultant file from one of my created folders, the result is an alias to the file, not the file itself, almost like the file were locked or did not have correct permissions. GetInfo on the file and all enclosing folders shows user permissions as user: read write, staff: read write, everyone read only. Even if I change the code to -m777, I still have the same problem that the drag & drop results in an alias instead of a move/copy of the file. I can however, CMD C and then CMD V which results in a full copy of the file.

I do not have a lot of experience with Applescript so I am probably missing something simple here. I thought that if a file and it’s enclosing folders showed read/write permissions for user and staff I would be able to copy/move the file. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance. This forum has been an incredible resource for me learning Applescript. I would not have been able to learn half as much any other way. Thanks again.


10.7.3 - ScriptDebugger 5.0.5


I see that you’re using the -p option when you make the directory, does this mean that in the posix path of gOutputFolder not all of the intermediate folders exist? I’m not sure if this is the problem but I use permissions of 777 so that I don’t get any issues

do shell script "mkdir -m 777 -p " & quoted form of (POSIX path of gOutputFolder)


Yes, the path has a few intermediate folder that a user may have moved so I used -p. I originally had 777 and changed it to 775 in hopes of solving the problem.

You may have ACLs in the permissions. Those can override the regular read/write permissions. Try running this to clear them out:

sudo chmod -R -E /path/to/folder/*

If that works for the OP, then he should file a bug with the Maker, or at least inform about the trouble he have had with their scheme. :slight_smile:

It may however be due to some wicked behaviour of Finder when dealing with stuff inside temporary items. For instance, if you have folders named src, and lib, you won’t get a .DS_Store file in them. Yes, I found that out yesterday, when I was updating some scripts that relied on the existance of .DS_Store files. :slight_smile:

I just tested to drag a temporary item over to my desktopy, and that worked perfectly well.

I also wonder if it has something to do with different volumes, that is, if the files resides on a different volume, but then I believe the norm to be to copy, and not make an alias really.