Files within applet are Locked

It is me again, you all have been such a help I am reaching out to the hive mind again to see if there is anything that can be helped with.

I have got everything with the time log running with your gracious assistance, the app will load the files etc, now when I run it for myself via Script Editor or Script Debugger, I can open the spreadsheets that store the database, if I save the file as an application (non run-only) or transfer the files to another system (As I am won’t to do from time to time for ease of movement) then all the files within the app come up as a locked file, if I go into the resources folder of the app and I get info on the file they are not locked, if I open directly from the resources folder then they open without being locked, only when I open them as a response through the app they show as locked, I will say within the app when opening the files I am opening them as an alias if that makes any difference.

Any guidance and information is welcome, still trying to learn here, thank you all for your time