Final Cut and Photoshop Scripting

Hello. I don’t really know a whole lot about AppleScript, but I am trying to help out a friend and I could use some advice/help.

I need to create a script that will take a movie in final cut and export each individual frame as an image. Ideally the script should increment and go through the entire movie saving each frame. Then, I need a second script (or a part of the first) that will take each frame into photoshop, run some filters and effects on them, and save them. Once again, it should ideally go through all of the images.

I’m familiar with basic scripting, but nothing in Photoshop of FCP. Would it be possible to copy something from FCP paste it into Photoshop, do the editing and then save it and do it like that for all the frames, or would it be better off simply saving it out of FCP and then opening it in PhotoShop? Has anyone done something like this before? Can anyone help me out?


I’m not an Applescript geek but I can tell you FCP (even v4) is NOT scriptable.
So to automate this you must use Quicktime Pro which is scriptable.

FCP is not scriptable. If you want to automate video production, Media 100i is very scriptable, so is the QuickTime Player.

Adobe has forums dedicated to scripting Photoshop and its other products.

In addition, when you download and install the scripting plugin for Photoshop from Adobe, it contains documentation and example scripts.