Find a folder based on its first seven characters

Hi all,

From within Filemaker Pro, I want to trigger an Applescript that activates the finder and opens a folder on a remote network drive.

I have worked out how to mount and open the drive, but my problem then is that FileMaker only knows the first seven characters of the folder name I want to open. So pretend that the list of folders on my remote drive looks like this:

F#10001 - First folder
F#10002 - Second folder
F#10003 - Third folder

Can I write an Applescript, and if so what is the correct syntax, that effectively says:

Tell application Finder
mount the remote drive (I can do that bit)
Open the folder whose first seven characters of its name are “F#10002”
End tell

Can anyone help?

Thanks in ancipation


It might be something as simple as this untested snippet:

tell application "Finder" to open (first folder of disk "remote disk" whose name starts with "F#10002")

Grrrr. I was SO CLOSE to that exact bit of code. Cheers!