Find and Replace action for Microsoft word


I’m pretty new to automator (less than 3 months in).

What I’m trying to do is create an automator that automatically populates a contractual document in microsoft word with variables such as the current date, the recipient’s name, address, phone #, email address, job title, employer and other variables of this nature.

So far I’ve set up the following actions:

  1. Get specified finder items
  2. Open word document
  3. Get value of variable (today’s date)
  4. Find and replace text in word document

The text that needs to be replaced is marked as " [Date] " in the generic word doc. For some reason, I can’t drag the date variable (as I’ve done with other automator workflows) into the “replace” field.


Eventually I want to create a workflow that can populate a number of word documents automatically with contact variables from address book, or from the “ask for text” action.

Hope someone can help :slight_smile:

  • Tristan