Find and Replace from List

Dear all.
We have a set of web pages that have been created with Dreamweavers Photo Album command. There are over 1000 images.

We now need to change a lot of the names of the image and thumbnail files as the names a Windows standard compliant. - It wasn’t me!

In Dreamweaver you can do a Search and Replace for one string. What I want to do is search from a list and do a replace based a corresponding list. Anybody out there done something like this in Applescript? I imagine you need some type of scriptable text editor such as TextWrangler of BBedit.

cheers Glenn

To replace from a list of changes, you’ll need to learn some programming language, IMO.

Since you’re using a Mac, check out the Unix tools, e.g., Sed (or Awk). It’s free, while BBEdit isn’t.

Can you do this with BBEdit (using its GREP function) + Applescript. Probably. I’d need to know exactly what must be replaced. With search and replace in 1000 documents, it’s may be too easy to change something accidently. If you have lots of time and already know Applescript well (or Perl or PHP), no doubt a custom solution can be written in it (or one of the alternative languages).

Good luck.