Find and Replace in Address book


I’ve been trawling the web for a while and I can find nothing that would help me to change a group of phone numbers in Address. All I want to do is a simple Find and Replace for the area code. I’ve tried exporting to tab-delimited … but I can’t import from there. :? Surprising that this isn’t built-in to the app in fact.

I know this is probably blindingly simple … but it has me stumped. Does anyone know of any existing solutions to this? (Sadly … scripting does not count as one of my skills)


I’ve been toying with creating a small shareware app (probably $5) for various Address Book utility scripts I have in mind including this one (searching & replacing an area code). I quickly mocked up an app with this functionality:

It is very limited right now but has a few utilities including stripping the formatting of phone numbers, adding the formatting to phone numbers using a formatting string, and, of course, the area code search and replace. Any other utility requests are appreciated (though I do have several already on the drawing board).


Hi Grant,

Also, the reason why this is not so simple is because the area code in Address Book is not separate from the rest of the numbers and not formatted. It is just a string depending how the user entered it. Phone numbers can have different amount of numbers also and one cannot be certain which numbers are the area code. All the phone numbers would need to be formatted first.