find detached calendar events

Good Morning! (depending on where and when you see my post)

I am using applescript with iCal. I have been struggling mightily with getting my head around this one! When I have a recurring event and I modify one or multiple instances of that event, the modified event(s) does not have any unique UID.

This essentially blocks me to find those “detached” events.

I would really appreciate if someone can help me out here! I have always come to this site whenever I hit a road block and so far I have always found my solution! So thanks in advance for anyone for helping me out!



The expert on repeated events in iCal is Nigel Garvey – search for iCal and Garvey. The problem as you’ve no doubt discovered is that there is only one instance of a repeated event in iCal and all later instances are computed on the fly so you have to find the first and then calculate the one you’re looking for.