Find every file of a certain type in the startup disk

I want to be able to find every file of Word98 on the entire startup disk. But, I can only get the files in the folder of the startup disk but not the sub-folders. To get all the files I have tried something like this:
tell app “Finder”
set mylist to every file of entire contents of startup disk whose file type is “W8BN”
end tell

But the problem is that the Finder start doing something and hangs. Is there another way to get every file in the startup disk including the sub-folder.

Hi :slight_smile:

The “entire contents” command there are a very big “bug”…
You can write a recursive code (see the Apple exemples).
You can search the particular files with “File Buddy” :


What Apple’s exemple are you talking about ? Do you mean I should use these kind of commands and put these recursive ?

set the_folder_list to (every folder of startup disk
set the_file_list to (every file of this_folder)

Hi :slight_smile:

I know that in the examples by APPLE there are scripts functioning by recursivity, but I do not remember its name any more.

To have an idea of recursive routine, you can take as a starting point the existing examples in “AppleScript Guidebook”, here :

Otherwise, you can use of the “Osax” of search like “Find File” (very complete) or “Find Document” (very fast)…
“Find File” :
“Find Document” :


Is this for OS 9 and earlier? Or does it work with OS X as well?