find replace text

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It is really very difficult task for me. I have a text file which contains text in two column. Now I have a InDesign document which contains matter of first column of text file. Now my task is find text of first column of text box in the InDesign document and replaced with second column of the text file.

See detail below:
text file:
rajeev kumar
sinha gaya

Now InDesing files contains
“rajeev” it should be replaced by kumar.

I want a script to do so, because I have a lot of documents containing these items.

Any help is rally appriciable.
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this might help you:

you are the person behind that program, it is really good one. But I am unable to run it.
I have also reply bachk there, if you have some time so please check it once.

Rajeev Kumar

If want more features:

Use “TEXTreme 2”

And it supports Regular Expressions!

Sorry, it is not enough for me.