Find text in PDF open in Skim

A kind person created this script for me to find text from the keyboard in a PDF opened in Skim:

Execute AppleScript
set textToFind to get the clipboard
tell application "Skim"
   set foundText to find front document text textToFind
   select foundText with animation
end tell

The script does its job but I could use some improvements:

  1. If a string is found the next call of the script will find the next occurrence of the same string in the PDF

This will allow me to cycle through the PDF, viewing all occurrences of the clipboard content in the PDF.

  1. Is it possible to have word boundaries considered while searching for a string?

  2. Is it possible to have upper/lower case considered while searching for a string?

  3. If a string with n words isn’t found in the PDF, the search will be repeated with a string containing n-1 words.

I’d use this one to get around the problem that hyphened lines cause while searching in PDF files (the script above won’t find words that are split and divided over two lines).

Many thanks for your help!