Find your hot key codes in FastScripts

If you use Daniel Jalkut’s FastScripts, and like me, have a lot of hot keys for them that you inevitably forget, this script will find them and show you what they are (and run them, if you like):

tell application "FastScripts"
	set s to script items where has keyboard shortcut is true -- find them all
	set SL to {} -- a list
	-- Pretty number them (leading zeros)
	repeat with k from 1 to count s
		if k < 10 then
			set m to "0" & k
			set m to k as rich text -- "text" compiles as "rich text" in a FastScripts tell block
		end if
		-- add the list item: number, name, shortcut
		tell item k of s to set SL's end to (m & "   " & name & " ....... " & shortcut string of keyboard shortcut)
	end repeat
	-- Offer a choice (to run it, or just see it then cancel)
	set C to choose from list SL
	try -- the next line errors on cancel (can't make text 1 thru 2 of false into number)
		set SF to script file of item ((rich text 1 thru 2 of C) as number) of s
	on error -- user cancelled
	end try
end tell
run script alias SF

Thanks, Adam :slight_smile: