Finder freezes from call from image view

Okay, I’m having the same problem from this topic: whereby I call finder to do something (eg)

	tell application "Finder"
					if exists folder go_path as POSIX file then
						set uflp to uflp + 1
						set ucur to space & "(" & uflp & ")"
						set go_path to pt_path & rnamem & ucur & "/"
						set rgo_path to t_path & rnamem & ucur & "/"
						exit repeat
						set uexist to "no"
					end if
				end tell

---- I know the code is awful but it’s just an example

anyway, after about 20 seconds or whatever, it finally does it, but 20 seconds is unacceptable

So what is the way around this? How would I call my code without using a drop handler if the drop handler is the problem?


eh never mind, I’m just doing the checking through aliases
edit: scrap that, I can’t even do that, I’m just getting alias errors all the time, anyway to do this as described in my OP?

Yes it is awful, if you want help, give us something tidy. Mostly my errors go away when I tidy my code up for presentation.