"Finder got an error: The operation could not be comple

Does anyone know what this error means, and how I can fix it? All that I want to do is move a file, and I keep getting this error message my code looks like this:

tell application "Finder"
  move file finalMP3Disc to destOfMP3 replacing yes
end tell

I’ve tried different variations of the code, but always get the same error. To give more light on what’s happening, I basically have a script that makes MP3CD iso disk images in Toast 6. I used to save them directly to a volume where these iso files were used in making the actual MP3CD. Then suddenly I started getting an error in Toast saying that the disk was full. There is still plenty of room on the volume. So, I figured I’d save the image on the same machine, and then move the file over. However, now I’m getting this problem. Can anyone help? Thank you.

Well, after waiting a little while to see if anyone could help, I tried running the script. It worked perfectly! Then I put everything back to how it was in the beginning, ie. saving directly to the Volume. Again, everything worked like it had before. So things are jsut fine now. I don’t know why I got those errors, it’s very strange. :? :?: