Finder script

In OS9, can anyone tell me how to select a file and open it based on the “label” ie Hot, Essential etc. that it has 8)

Hi :slight_smile:

Here one suggestion :

tell application "Finder"
	set MyFolder to (choose folder)
	set FinderLabelsName to name of (every label of Finder preferences)
	set LabelToSelect to (choose from list FinderLabelsName)
	if (LabelToSelect is not false) then
		repeat with Loop from 1 to (count items of FinderLabelsName)
			if (item Loop of FinderLabelsName) is (LabelToSelect as text) then exit repeat
		end repeat
		set LabelFiles to every file of MyFolder whose label index is Loop
	   if ((count items of LabelFiles) > 0) then open LabelFiles
	end if
end tell