Finder Slide Show

In the Finder you can select some images and control click (right click), and select slide show

My script downloads images and then I want to select and run the slide show.

Not an option in the Finder dictionary
Can’t find the application to run a UNIX command
System events doesn’t seem to have control click menu selection

I don’t realy want to import into iPhoto, do the slide show then remove.

Anyone got any ideas?

Can’t say if this will be any help, but take a look at the capabilities of Quartz Composer that comes with the Dev Tools. (I’ve never used it)


how about using quicktime? I noticed a slideshow script here…

I haven’t tried it but it might help you.

Also an application like graphic converter can do slide shows and is fully scriptable.

Thank to UI Browser, I worked out how to right click on a item in the finder and select Slide Show.

This need a window open with all graphic to work.

activate application "Finder"
tell application "System Events"
	tell process "Finder"
		keystroke "a" using {command down}
		delay 1
		perform action "AXShowMenu" of UI element 2 of group 1 of scroll area 2 of splitter group 1 of window 1
		delay 1
		click menu item "Slideshow" of UI element 2
	end tell
end tell

You think great, Ive got it work, but no it doesn’t work like the finder, it shows only the item you right click on not the selected. As in my example I select all with command A. Note archive items, copy items all just do 1 item as well.

I’m again hit a brick wall. I look over the quicktime, again it a lot of work for a simple slide show the problem is there no interaction. And advance option you have to build a SHIL. I like the finder because you can tile all pictures, an expose, select one picture and it pop full screen. Add to iPhoto with one click.

Best so far, is download every image, reveal the finder windows, select all and manual control click to slideshow.

I’m post it to code exchange when finished.

Where you right-click is very important. Try right-clicking exactly on one of the icons of the selected files, if you right-click somewhere else you actually de-select the selection such that the right-click only happens on the file you right-clicked on. It sounds like this is your problem.

The items are still selected when you return to the finder. So I’m believe its not deselecting. Its an action on a UI element not really a right click. you can put ‘right click (object reference)’ and it compiles but it doesn’t work, maybe it clicks but doesn’t hold open the menu. Click doesn’t have ‘Using’ option like keystrokes. Or a drag and drop option. You can’t seem to right click multiple UI Elements. Hey maybe fixed in Leopard, here’s hoping.

I don’t use this, but this scripting addition says it will click the mouse, maybe it will work for you.

Extra Suit didn’t work, you can send a control click but the contextual menu does pop up, If you use a mix of Extra Suit and System Events. Old problem still happens. Maybe CEQuickkeys but I want to use no apps that cost so everyone can use.