finder takes lots of timeshare

I have written a script that uses finder twice per instance in the loop.

repeat with i from 1 to (count of folderList)
	--this sets  the item to the name of the file
	set theItem to item i of folderList
	--this calls the method that opens the file, and does some photoshop "magic"
	my openFile((webFolder as string) & theItem, DVDNumber)
end repeat
--openFile method

		tell application "Finder" to open file (fileName as alias)
		tell application "Adobe Photoshop 7.0"
			--sets the author saves and closes the file
			set author of info of current document to "DVD" & DVDNumber
			save current document
			close current document
		end tell

if fileName contains "KB" then
			tell application "Finder" to move (fileName as alias) to "Shared G4 HD:Users:karrenmay:Desktop:from CD/DVD -webrepros/uploaded too:DVD's:DVD photo seperate DVD number injected WebPics:DVDs KB:"

That is the snippets, that i am talking about.

But when i run the code i cant do anything else at all because the finder is being used so much.

Is there a way that i can still use the finder, and have the script run in the background, so it doesn’t affect anything???

The Finder is not multi-threaded, so probably not.

Will the terminal commands for copying a file work?
Would it work better if you saved off a list of the files to transfer and then transfered them all at once?

Thats an idea, never thought of that.