Finding a numbr above 1mill in a list of names and number

Hello once again only this time l am sorry to any that l have affened with my past posts…
l have be allowed back on this site because of a generous owner(l think?)
well l’ll make it breif
ok l have a game l play called kings of chaos
well it has an attack page where the names,army size and numbers are

like so

killsquad92 500human 1000000
xtrokool 129Dawarves 600000
… 243… 566400
and so forth
is it possible to make a script that reads this and removes the names under 1million (the number is amout of money they have)
and well is it possible? o and its online
if u need more info plz tell
and once again
thanx ray

Probably not. Most games are not scriptable.

ok l won’t hold my hopes high but does en1 know if its possible to have a script where it finds a number of 1mill on and program?
basiclly the same as my last post but one for absolutely any program?
if so plz tell me how

if it were a file you could use awk and attack it like this

awk ’ $3 > 1000000 { print $0 }’ Filename.txt

Thanx but thats not wat l wanted but it’s okay l’ll do it manually