finding version number?

I’m just full of questions today… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the rebuilding desktop help – I haven’t done it yet, but I’m sure I’ll be able to now. I have a script that I use on many many macs… The problem is, I need a handler to behave differently depending on the OS version.

The problem is that the “MountIP” Scripting addition does allow OS8 machines to mount AFP volumes, but after a few hours, for some reason the computer needs to be rebooted for it to continue to work. I don’t have a solution for that yet, but I want to use the standard OS9 applescripting abilities to mount the volumes on OS9 machines. (because that just “works”)

SO… I want to use a handler to mount the server, and in it use an if/then/else to determine whether to use the MountIP addition (which will be on the OS8 machines) or to use standard mounting dialog. I dont’ want to have several versions of the script, because I have hundreds of computers that it goes out to…

I’m also toying with making the system folder invisible for some mild security… Are there any huge “gotchas” involved with such an endeavor?

Thanks again, you are all wonderful.

Well, fixed half of the problem. I still have very little security, but to determine version, I’m just checking for the installed MountIP scripting addition. If it exists, I use it, if not, I use standard mount volume dialog.

(Back to scripting…)

Hi Trunckboy,

You might try looking at Apple’s Essential Subroutines environment checks versioln checks: