Finishing Touches

I am very pleased with my Dialog Maker app it’s essentials are finished. If you want a look: -app -project (zipped 2.9 MB, 5 MB when unzipped)
If you get a password prompt then it is Mobile Me’s fault, just enter any string of characters and click continue.

But now I have finishing points which may have been covered in AS Studio forum but I don’t believe here.

tell NSImage to set valimg to imageNamed_("")
		valwiniconpic's setImage_(valimg)

creates lag, is there a better way to blank an image well?

  1. Preferences, how do you go about this?

  2. Help files, how do you create and link these up?

  3. Icon, I’ve done it before I think but it only half worked how exactly do I take my icon file and link it up?

Thanks for any replies :slight_smile:

Try setting the image to missing value.

All good questions, but all far too broad to answer here. Help files even has its own Apple mailing list.

Xcode help is your friend.

PS: Use number formatters to force numbers in Minutes and Seconds.

If you mean what I think you mean about the timeout setters :confused: I know what you mean but I think if someone put in a letter then they might have made an important mistake for example someone wants 15, they put 1r, I would rather not force 1. Oh no I get this feeling that was not what you’re talking about now. Anyway I’m happy with what I have in timeout and what I like to call my intelligent steppers where if you have 0, 1 click down for 0, 0 it will go to 1, 0 (forcing a value) but if you click again it will revert minutes back to 0 e.g. 0, 1 > 1, 0 > 0, 59.

How about creating and managing plists on the post then :slight_smile: AS if possible but ASOC if there is more functionality or ease of use.