FM runtime to print using Quark and Apple Scripts

I am currently working on a Real Estate Publication Project where agents/brokers would submit their Listing information text/images to our FTP for automatic proofing and generation of press optimized PDF’s ready for imposition and printing.

The plan is to use a FM runtime which the agents and brokers would use to upload their data (text/images) to our FTP site and then use Apple Scripts and Quark to automatically generate low res. PDF proofing and high res. PDF’s for printing.

I have talked to a couple FM developers but none of which have strong Quark scripting experience.
I’ve also looked at out of box solutions but these come with a large price tag and often monthly maintenance costs.

I am fairly proficient with Filemaker but have not done any Apple Scripting, looking for someone to help get this project off the ground.

We are hoping for a first print date in about 3-4 weeks! Quark templates are all ready to go.
I am open to any suggestions or a possible web to print solution instead of the runtime.

Thank you for your time.

Pageflex is what I use.

I’m done several major projects with Quark, FileMaker, and Applescript. And I think you will need Photoshop as well.
One I have 4 mac computer running Applescript loops processing away thousand of photo and text going to both web and print.

Your choice will do the job.

I would have a Filemaker Server Advanced and get to buy Filemaker, real estate agent are rich, and type direct into your server.

On the cheap and for scale FM runtime can have plugin, TCP/IP direct from then you can have any webserver like PHP/MYSQL or CDML/FILEMAKER SERVER or future PDF/FIMAKER SERVER, becuase work with ODBC or JDBC with your realstate is a nightmare.

You simplely what a ‘upload’ button in Filemaker you can do that with TCP/IP direct

Ask any questions, I follow this site, I will answer

I’m curious how much the Pageflex system costs?
We basically have a group of owners/brokers who are not happy with their current publication which is produced by a local newspaper and are looking for another option. Cost is a factor, I need to convince them that a web to print or runtime to FTP to print solution is a much more flexible, efficient clean way way to produce.

Currently they are all submitting their Listing information by email/disk/hardcopy to the local newspaper and having ads generated manually. This has lead to a mismash of ads which has brought down the appeal of the Publication.

Not sure if a FM runtime is the answer or not. I understand that a runtime will not be able to network with Filemaker Server but the cost of licenses for each office would be discouraging. My understanding is that with a FTP-It Plugin from a runtime could upload to our FTP?

As I mentioned earlier I’ve looked at other web to print system but costs seem to range 25K - 100K plus monthly/yearly maintenance.

I’m a little confused with this.
“On the cheap and for scale FM runtime can have plugin, TCP/IP direct from then you can have any webserver like PHP/MYSQL or CDML/FILEMAKER SERVER or future PDF/FIMAKER SERVER, becuase work with ODBC or JDBC with your realstate is a nightmare.”

I’m not a programmer but do enjoy working with Filemaker (for the most part).

Any more help would be appreciated.

Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

you may want to try posting a job on there are many qualified people there including myself that could handle this job.

Thanks for the help I’ll post it there.

If you’re familiar with Filemaker, don’t forget it’s Web Publishing function! Not so bad to use for a small solution.


not sure if you know or not but it looks like you posted your job as by invite only


TCP/IP direct is a plug-in that does any TCP/IP very prowerful, it got real good http premade tool. It is http coding but thats the fun. I havn’t used your choosen plug-in, but watch the developer release cost, some plugin people want a to much.

It come down to want web server features you have brought. What have you got?

By the way, Quark not the best to Applescript (but still do the job), Adobe much more Applescriptable, I would do it in Adobe Illustrator becuase you can do the imposition, saving on the print bill. Plus you can do more complex design.


in regards to your comment about laying out and ad in illustrator rather than quark. Coming from a graphics background I use illustrator to draw as its name implies I use Quark to layout designs. Thats what those programs are designed to do. Although I could use a wrench to put a nail in the wall it not really the ideal tool to use. Alternatively you could also use Adobe’s indesign to layout an ad.

just my two cents…


two cents…wow it come down to his prepess workflow, if the prepress/print company has imposition software it would be best to do it in page layout like InDesign or Quark and your two cents is good value. Thing is prepress/print company charge large for imposition and doing yourself can really save a lot of money, going for Adobe Illustrator is then four cent value.

we are getting of the topic of this thread but… what your saying is you should script it in illustrator because they don’t have imposition software even though it could be scripted through quark or indesign and achieve the same goal ??? so I don’t see the saving so we’re back down to 2 cents they way I see it :slight_smile: