Focus to always remain on first scroll view - text view after restart

This is not a biggy but it nags me now for a few days:
I have a window with 2 scroll view - text view: originalFld and copyFld where i type or paste text.
When the appl starts the focus (cursor blinks in it) is on the originalFld
I click into the copyFld the cursor blinks there now
I quit and restart and the cursor still blinks in the copyFld

How do I get the cursor to always blink in the originalFld?

After startup when I want to change the focus I use: aWindow’s makeFirstResponder_(originalFld) and it works.
I tried to put it in on applicationWillFinishLaunching_(aNotification) and on awakeFromNib() but it does not work.

Is there a handler that will make this work?

Thanks for your help.

In the interface, control-click on the window, then drag from initialFirstResponder to the text view.

Hi Shane,
Thanks for helping.

I tried but unfortunately I could not make it work.
Here is what I tried:
I clicked on MainMenu.xib, the window showed up.
I control clicked on the window’s title bar and a black window came up
I dragged from initialFirstResponder in the outlets to the originalFld scroll view, it became blue and it showed text view in white.
When I let go the circle on the right of initialFirstResponder changed from an outline to a white filled one with text view written to the left of the white circle.
I ran the app, clicked on the copyFld text view to set the cursor there, quit it and restarted.
The cursor still blinked in the copyFld
Have I done something wrong?

Select the window in the interface and uncheck Restorable.

Hi Shane,
Thanks a million.
That did it: Even after removing the binding to initialFirstResponder.