Folder Action detaching itself from network folder

I have written a folder action that watches a folder, then moves dropped files into the appropriate folder within that folder according to the name of the file. I attached the script to the folder and it works very well.

The problem arises when the machine is restarted, the script is dropped off the folder. The folder is located on a PC server which i have to connect to on startup.
So everytime i restart, i have to reattach the script to the folder.

Please help?

I have had similar experience but instead of a networked PC the scripts were becomming detached from the folders on my external Seagate HD. It wasn’t EVERYTIME the Mac was restarted or powered down but it was often enough. What I found was:

  1. The scripts are still attached to the folders, just not functioning for some odd reason
  2. Even though the scripts are fubar on the Seagate they are fine on the Macintosh HD
  3. Emptying the Library>Cache and rebooting fixes my problem, at least until it happens again
  4. I wrote an AS application that tests a target folder on my Seagate to make sure that the folder scripts are working and if not it automatically empties the cache folder and restarts the computer and it seems to work like a charm - for me.

I don’t know if my fix could work for your problem but if your interested let me know and I will send the stuff you’ll need.


Oh yeah, and if you ever find out what is specifically causing this please let me know.

Thanks for the reply.
I’m not sure if your issue is quite the same, even if it was the same no-operational-folder-action result.
Reasons being:

  1. Your external drive is formatted with osx, whereas I am using scripts attached to a folder on a pc server.
  2. You don’t have to mount an external drive everytime you startup, whereas you have to mount a server.

Thanks for your ideas though.

True, there are only scant similarities, but next time it happens just for giggles why not empty the Library>Cache folder and reboot your Mac. If it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. I’m just guessing that you may not get to many other ideas based on the number I got when I posted with my issue.

You both could try this.
Make sure your mounts are mounted.
Run this script

tell application "System Events" to quit
delay 5
tell application "System Events" to activate

If that solves the issue.
Make the script into an app and add it to you login item below any auto mounts if you have any