Folder Action for moving files to other folders

Hi guys,

I am getting crazy with a simple Folder Action.

Situation: Files (exclusively small RTFs with just a few kilobytes of data) are being uploaded or copied into an “incoming” folder on my Mac. Depending on the first two letters of the file name, these files should be moved into specific folders on another volume of my Mac.

For a first test with four different “file name types”, I created four different Folder Actions in Automator and attached them to my “incoming” folder:

“ Filter Finder Items > Name begins with [sample letters]
“ Move Finder Items > defined specific folder

Then, I put files into the “incoming” folder. Sometimes just single files, sometimes a couple of files, and sometimes even 100 files or so. Once I put the files by simply copying them from another volume, once I uploaded them via FTP.

Some files are moved as they should, some of them not. They simply remain in the “incoming” folder. When putting about 100 files into the folder, some 30 of them are moved, the rest remains. If I put single files into the folder, but quickly one after one, some of them are moved, some of them not.

If I put just one file, wait a minute or so and put the next one, everything works fine. Sometimes even with putting 3, 4 or 5 files at the same time. Does anybody have an idea what is wrong with my Folder Actions? Or are they simply not reliable?

These are more or less my first steps with Folder Actions and the Automator, I don’t have a clue about Apple Script. Any hint or help is much appreciated.


Model: Mac Pro
Browser: Safari 533.20.27
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Try this:

Or This:
And read this:


I solved it already with Hazel and it works fine.