Folder action to do image scaling?

Is there a way so I can make a hotfolder which has a certain image scaling action on it?

  1. Someone uploads a picture to that folder (JPEG format)
  2. I want all pictures that are placed in that folder to be resized to a size specified.


I’d like to have a folder that moves items to other folders, is this possible?

If you are using 10.3 I would try using Apple’s Image Events.

There is example scripts there on how to use Image Events.

Otherwise there are numerous other tools. As to attaching the scaling to a folder action there are a number of related threads for folder actions on this board:

For example:


ah tnx m8y, this is a good topic, i’ll try something here :stuck_out_tongue:

IMPORTANT: the file formats supported by Image Events for read access are: PICT, Photoshop, BMP, QuickTime Image, GIF, JPEG, MacPaint, JPEG2, SGI, PSD, TGA, Text, PDF, PNG, and TIFF. All of these formats are not supported for writing or saving.

?? What do they mean with this? I cant scale the JPG’s? :?

source: image-events


They mean you can only export as a subset of those:

The formats you can export as are:

JP2 JPEG 2000, similar to JPEG files are larger in size, lossLess option works.
QuickTime image.

The formats you will miss out on are GIF and PDF.


i see, so i can resize the JPEG (keeping proportions), then i need another tool to make a PDF. Cool :stuck_out_tongue: