folder actions "Connection Failed- Server may no longer exist...

Every time I open Folder Actions Setup I get an error message saying “Connection Failed- Server may no longer exist…” and “Automatically Add to iTunes” is in red. I click ok and it keeps popping up over and over. It won’t stop! I’ve removed that server from my favorites since it no longer exists. It was a MBWE Blue Rings that I had connected to my AEBS. It had my iTunes library on it , but has since been transferred to an external drive connected directly to my MP.
How do I make it stop? I can’t assign any Folder Actions to any folders until this stops!

Model: MP 2009
Browser: Safari 533.20.27
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

I’m having the same issue.

I would still like to find a solution to this problem, but in the meantime I’ve found a workaround by logging in as another user.

Hope this helps anyone having this problem.

Hi, both. Welcome to MacScripter ” belatedly to cadillac, who apparently posted his query in April!

Without further information about what’s what in your setups (Is “Automatically Add to iTunes” a folder on the server, a script, or something else?) I’m guessing that your servers were ditched without folder actions having been removed from folders on them first and that Folder Actions Setup is throwing the errors when it tries to resolve the now invalid aliases. This shouldn’t prevent you from adding folder actions to other folders ” only from using Folder Actions Setup for the purpose.

It should be possible to cure the problem simply by deleting the offending actions:

set folderName to "Automatically Add to iTunes" -- Change this to the name of the folder to which the action's attached.
set scriptName to "Automatically Add to iTunes.scpt" -- Change this to the script name.

-- Quit Folder Actions Setup if it's open (and if it'll quit!).
tell application "System Events" to set FolderActionsSetupOpen to (application process "Folder Actions Setup" exists)
if (FolderActionsSetupOpen) then
	tell application "Folder Actions Setup" to quit
	tell application "System Events"
		repeat while (application process "Folder Actions Setup" exists)
			delay 0.2
		end repeat
	end tell
end if

tell application "System Events"
	-- Note whether Folder Actions are currently enabled.
	set FolderActionsEnabled to (folder actions enabled)
	-- Disable them.
	set folder actions enabled to false
	-- Delete any actions which could be the problem one.
	delete (folder actions whose (name is folderName) or (name of scripts contains scriptName))
	-- Restore the previous enabled/disabled Folder Actions state.
	set folder actions enabled to FolderActionsEnabled
end tell

-- Reopen Folder Actions Setup if it was open before.
if (FolderActionsSetupOpen) then tell application "Folder Actions Setup" to activate