Folder Actions wont stay attached in a .dmg or iDisk

Okay a few questions about Folder actions. Can folder action stay attached to a folder that is located in an Image file (.dmg) or on my iDisk. If they do why is that everytime I restart my computer they need to be reattached… When I look into the folder action configuration utility I see my folder action and I see the that it says it should be attached to the correct folder yet it will not work unless i attach the folder action again thus creating the same folder in Folder action configuration utility. I thought maybe systen event was crashing after the script run but it is not.


When I ejected a disk image the folder action didn’t stay attached either. You can try launching a script app to reattach it. Something like this:

tell application “Finder” to open file “Macintosh HD:Users:kel:Disk Images:TestImage.dmg”
tell application “System Events”
attach action to “TestImage:” using “add - new item alert.scpt”
end tell