Folder Actions

Hi folks:
Is it possible for a folder action to be placed on a folder that is located on a Macintosh server and then have users mount the server and have the folder action operate or do all folder actions have to be local - i.e. on your hard drive?

I was just able to run a folder action from a remote computer, but the program only runs on the host (where the folder actually resides) computer and doesn’t provide dialogs or any other responses to the remote user (unless manually scripted I guess). Hope that made some sort of sense. -BC

Actually, it seems to run on the computer that assigned the Folder Action. I just assigned “add - new item alert” to a shared folder remotely, and it would notify the client, but not the host. Also, the window that needs to be open is the client’s, not the host’s.
So, the short answer to Steve is ‘yes.’