FOLDER SCRIPT - Image size

Is something like this possible?
after running this script it will check on all images in folder and if images width is smaller then 7" then it will create folder “100%” and put them there
If images are bigger then 7" it will go to folder created “50%”

that would be very helpful for what I do to know how to resize images later… this will save me a lot , lot , lot of time


Apple’s Image Events and iMagine Photo will both be able to do this for you (both free), with using folder actions, which I assume you are already familiar.

You will need to get the resolution which will be a measurement in dots per inch, and the dimensions of the image in pixels.

Typical screen resolution is 72 dots per inch (dpi), while the images from a digital camera are typically 300 dpi. If 7" is the dimension you are interested in then a digital photograph from a digitial camera will need to be wider than 2100 pixels to be bigger than 7".

So what you will be required to obtain will be the resolution and the dimensions of the image.

Both should do the job easily though of course I think iMagine Photo is far superior since I am the author.