folder script, image to jpg


I’m new to applescript, but i heard that it is possible making a applescript for a folder and when i put a image file (tif, psd, eps, jpg etc) that the script duplicate from the original an jpg file and store it into a subfolder. I looked at the standard script into the applescript folder, but this don’t work. I want to create a folder into a network. Help me please? (using macos 10.3.9)

Read this thread. The cinegod’s script actually works.

I read it, i try it, but it don’t work on my computer.
The script makes the two folders, put the original fil in the original folder but don’t make a copy of the image.
is there something else to try?


I would not be surprised to learn that somewhere in the file’s pathname there is a character whose code is higher than 127.

ImageEvents as delivered with Mac OS X 10.3.x is fooled by such a char.

The anomaly is killed with 10.4.x.

When I was using 10.3.x, I used a code whose 1st task was to move the files in a temporary folder whose path was NOT containing “highCode” chars and renamed temporarily the file if needed.
It was a bit heavy so I am glad that the oddity is no longer striking with 10.4.x

Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE mardi 19 septembre 2006 15:28:03)

So, there is no way into macos 10.3.9 to copy into a folder with applescript en duplicate a tif, psd or eps to JPG and low res?
I try’d verry much, but nothing works.
Is there not another way?

Please help me.