FollowUp to (Sort of) newbie question

Hey again,

just one more question… how do I make use of ObjC classes I added to an AppleScript Studio app? For a start, I wrote a “dummy” class whose implementation looks like this:

@implementation dummy
	- (id)init
		[super init];
		return self;
	- (int)returnInt
		return 5;
	- (void)dealloc
		[super dealloc];

Now, how would I initialize and call the returnInt method of this dummy in AppleScript? I already tried instantiating the class in IB and then “capturing” the instance via the “awakeFromNib” handler, like this:

on awakeFromNib theObject
     set myDummyObject to theObject
     log "hello"
end awakeFromNib

My dummy was the only object to call the awakeFromNib handler, and I used the log line to confirm that the handler is indeed called. Then I tried ‘call method “returnInt” of myDummyObject’ - to no avail :frowning:

I’ve got the feeling that I made some very simple mistake - which :?: