Font color and style

While creating an AIM script i rfealized i have no clue how to make some text bold and red

help please

Kevin S. has quite a few examples of scripting AIM in his Aim Scripts for OS X file in our ScriptBuilders Section. He has one to open a new chat session like this…

using terms from application "AOL Instant Messenger (SM)"
	tell application "AOL Instant Messenger (SM)"
		set thescreenname to "Insert_AIM_Name_Here"
		set themessage to "<b>Hey</b>"
		send themessage to thescreenname
	end tell
end using terms from

I modified it slightly to add the “bold” tags to the message. BTW, if you come up with some fun AIM scripts feel free to upload them to our ScriptBuilders Section at…

ScriptBuilders Upload Form
Thanks mouseOSX, happy scripting

i will upload the script once i get it working