Font in AppleScript Editor's dictionary viewer


I just upgraded to Mountain Lion.

For some reason, the font in the dictionary viewer of AppleScript Editor is now Times instead of Lucida Grande (or whatever sans-serif is there usually). I’m talking about the font in the description part.

Any ideas why it happens and how to fix it?

(That is I hope there’s something wrong on my side and it’s not one of the changes in Mountain Lion).


iMac 27" i7 Mac OS X 10.8

Guess what…

Dear Shane,

Your posts either provide absolutely tremendous help, or bring bad news. :))

I guess this one is in the second category.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s a BAD idea?

Not only it just doesn’t look good, but did they at Apple ever try to read it on a 27" iMac where everything is small, and small serif font is just totally illegible?

I’m going to file a bug report with Apple and encourage everyone who agrees with me to do the same, one way or another.


Leo Revzin

Zevrix Solutions
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Well you can at least increase the size easily enough.

Thanks Shane!

That helps a lot.

You’d think during the years of using Script Editor I could notice that button! I guess I never took it seriously because I never needed it.

But the font itself is what’s really important. I think - and hope - it’s really a bug and not something intentional. After all Apple knows that sans-serif font is best for their website and all developer documentation. Why would they think that in July 2012 AppleScript developers would all become excited to start reading their documentation in Times?

Leo Revzin

Zevrix Solutions
Solutions for Graphics, Print & File Delivery